The management of Unirooms expects students to behave in a manner which ensures that
the accommodation can meet its legal, statutory and contractual obligations, that all students and staff are treated with dignity and respect, that all Unirooms property and facilities are used appropriately and that students uphold the good name of Unirooms in their actions both on and off-campus. 

Rights and obligations of staff, students and others:

Every student and staff member has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

  1. Students are expected to acknowledge the authority of the staff of Unirooms, both
    management and support staff, in the performance of their duties.
  2. Every student is required to behave in a manner which does not disrupt or disturb fellow residents.
  3. The maintenance of the good name of Unirooms is in the interests of all the residents, community and, as the reputation of Unirooms depends largely on those who represent it, it is the duty of its residents at all times to behave, both inside and outside of the accommodation, in a way which does not bring discredit to the name of Unirooms. For the avoidance of doubt, this Code of Conduct applies to both online and offline behaviour.
  4. This Student Code of Conduct does not purport to contain all of the regulations and policies of Unirooms accommodation. Where such regulations and policies are made or amended, information as to their content will be publicised and made available to the residents by posting them on the Unirooms website. It is incumbent on residents to ensure they are familiar with the regulations and policies applicable at any given time. 
  5. The observance of the Code, so far as it applies to the individual resident, is their own personal responsibility and, so far as it applies to recognised groups, is the responsibility of their duly appointed officers. Claims of ignorance of the provisions of this Code or other Unirooms policies shall not be entertained as part of any investigatory or disciplinary process.
  6. Breach of any of the regulations of the accommodation will be dealt with either under the appropriate approved procedure or the Disciplinary Procedure as laid out in Sections below. Every student is required to cooperate with the disciplinary procedures outlined below. Failure to cooperate or failure to pay a fine or comply with a disciplinary sanction imposed for a breach of discipline (subject to any right of appeal applicable) is considered a breach of this Code of Conduct.
  7. Our disciplinary steps are as outlined below:
  1. Official verbal warning
  2. First written warning (Copied to Parent/Guardian)
  3. Final written warning (Copied to Parent/Guardian)
  4. Asked to leave and Licence agreement terminated.


Unirooms reserves the right to revoke and terminate a Licence Agreement on notice to the student occupier in the event of the following:

  1. Breach of terms and conditions of the Licence Agreement.
  2. Not abiding by the Student Code of Conduct.
  3. Upon any other reason, the Management may deem necessary for the good and proper management of the complex.


Overnight guests are permitted but no more than twice per month per student occupier and all guests must be registered with the management office for Health & Safety reasons. A charge will apply if guests are permitted to stay for more than two nights. Guests must be aged 18 or over. Only one guest per student occupier may stay overnight. If you do wish to have a guest staying over, their name and photographic ID must be registered in The Office DURING office hours with a minimum of twelve hours’ notice.

A fine of €50.00 will apply should a student be found to be breaking this rule. Overnight guests are not permitted during the 1st week of the Licence Period.

Bicycles must not be stored within Rooms / Apartments or in stairwells.

Housekeeping inspections are carried out on a regular basis. Rooms/Apartments are to be kept clean and tidy at all times. A fine of €50.00 per student per room will be charged if the Room/Apartment is not kept in good order and in a tidy and clean condition. Walkways are only for access and not for public gathering. Parties or functions are not permitted. Fire equipment or fire doors which are designed to reduce the spread of fire and to help prevent injury or death must not be tampered with. A fine of up to €200.00 will apply if a student or a student’s guest tampers with or disconnects any fire equipment. This includes €50.00 if you disconnect a fire sensor and up to €150.00 for replacing fire equipment and to clean an area after a fire extinguisher has been discharged. Electric sockets must not be overloaded, or any unsafe electrical equipment used in the complex.

Candles, barbeques, chip pans and electric, gas or solid fuel-burning heaters are not permitted.

Illegal drugs or any illegal substances and weapons are not permitted.

Smoking and vaping is not permitted within any apartments or houses.

Anti-social, abusive, threatening or reckless behaviour is not permitted. Noise levels must be kept at a level that does not interfere with the study, sleep or comfort of other students. Student occupiers are responsible for the behaviour of their guests. Any malicious damage caused to the property will be reported to the Gardai and action taken to recover costs as deemed necessary.