Storage heaters work by storing heat generated by cheap night-time electricity and releasing this heat during the day Please see the below links which provide information and instructions on how to effectively use the storage heating in your room/apartment and save energy.
Creda Model:
Quartz Electronic:


Your bedroom requires ventilation in order to avoid condensation building up, particularly around the window. There is a vent at the top of the window that you should leave open in
order to allow sufficient ventilation into your room. If you do close it at night, do not forget to open it again during the day.


All Unirooms apartments/houses will be inspected on a scheduled basis over the course of the year.
Please check the news and updates page for the schedule in the coming weeks.
All kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and common areas will be inspected.
It will also be checked to see if there has been any malicious damage or serious issues.
Please ensure that your apartment is clean and tidy for the inspector.
Please check the schedule for the dates you can expect your apartment/house to be inspected.
Inspections take place between 9.00-17.00 on the days listed on the schedule.
Cleaning will be judged on the following scale:
0 = spotless,
1 = OK but a light clean is needed,
2 = not clean and unsatisfactory,
3 = unacceptable and very dirty.
Getting a score of 2 or 3 qualifies as a fail.
Apartments or rooms that fail inspections will be re-inspected. If you fail an inspection, you will be
emailed with a date for re-inspection.
Please note that all residents in an apartment are equally responsible for ensuring the communal
area pass inspection. Each resident is responsible for ensuring their bedroom (and ensuite
bathroom as applicable) pass inspection.
If the failure is for a communal area where all residents are responsible e.g., the kitchen, all
residents in an apartment will be emailed about a re-inspection date. Re-inspections notices for
bedrooms will go to the resident responsible for that room.
Failure of re-inspection is considered a breach of the licence to reside.
Any cleaning that has to be arranged to return an apartment back to a satisfactory condition will be
charged to all residents in an apartment. Residents will incur cleaning charges if they do not leave
their apartments in a satisfactory condition at the end of the year.