UPDATE AS OF 22.09.2020

Covid19 regulations as set out by the Government of Ireland can be found on:
Guidelines for residents are listed here and amended as the national and international
situation changes.
Guidelines and updates from IT Sligo can be found on
Residents will be asked to take personal responsibility for keeping up to date with and
complying with Government advice and IT Sligo protocols. We will be asking each resident to
play their part in keeping those who live in the Student Village safe and to minimise the risk or
spreading the infection among residents. Here are some guidelines. This list is not meant to
be a comprehensive list. It is a summary of some of the key guidelines:

  • Please sanitise your hands as you enter or leave the property-hand sanitiser is
    provided at each block door.
  • Wash your hands once you arrive in your own room/apartment.
  • Visitors will continue to be discouraged at all times during term time as per the
    Government recommendations relating to house guests as this seems to be a key
    factor in spreading the infection.
  • We advise that the Covid Tracker App be downloaded by all residents.
  • We recommend that two is the number who can share the kitchen area for
    preparation of food at one time – each apartment to decide how this is to work best
    for them.
  • The Kitchen to be cleaned and disinfected with a household spray on all surfaces
    each time you use the facilities and all your own items (dishes/pots/cutlery etc.)
    removed to a press or personal storage box so that the kitchen is ready for the next
  • Those living together in an apartment will become a “household” and once this is
    established (about 14 days) the need for social distancing will become less.
    However where there are changes in the residents – someone leaves for example
    and a new person arrives you need to re-form the “household” and be more
    cautious for those first 14 days.
  • Do not allow another person inside your room unless requested by the Unirooms
    Managing Agent or Student Liaison Officer for administration, security, cleaning or
    maintenance requirements. All authorised visitors will abide by the hygiene
    guidelines and wear a mask and wipe down surfaces and touch points as they
  • Face Masks are not currently required to be worn in common/shared areas of the
    Residences however that may be something you as a group may decide on as
    a household.
  • If you develop symptoms of Covid19 please immediately isolate yourself in your room and
    inform Sligo IT of your health concern at 071 93 05463 or email:
  • In the case where you believe you have developed symptoms it is best to tell the other
    residents in your apartment/house of your concerns so that they can exercise additional
    caution until your situation is clarified.